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Orange City Councillor

I served as a Councillor with Orange City Council for a period of 8 years (2 terms). I found this role to be very rewarding and a learning experience. The benefits of the job are connecting and communicating with people, achieving good outcomes with an amicable result for all individuals, parties and communities involved.

Unfortunately there is a down side to local government and some of these are, not being able to please everyone, being a target for some of the media and missing out on funding and services that the larger cities seem to get given time after time.

I held the major portfolio of Community Services and Policy for 4 years during my last term on Council. This portfolio umbrella's all the key areas and links directly with the community of Orange and surrounding areas.

To learn more about the time I spent with Orange City Council you can view my blog on this website or visit my initial blog created when I was new to Council