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When my husband and I came to Australia in 1991 and made Orange our home, we had three very young children and no other family close by. We found it a struggle to find where the services, facilities and places of interest were located and shortly after decided to create a website to assist others in a similar situation.

We started a business in 2007 called Back 2 Family Basics and the concept of the business is based around helping people with much needed skills to make life, finances and quality time greater and more enjoyable. My husband and I produced a “Budget Pack” and conduct workshops to help with financial management in the home.

I wrote a book in 2009 called Growing Great Families that is full of information about making ends meet on a low budget & raising a family based on the help we received from many of our new found friends and professionals we met along the way in our journey through life.

Family essentially is the most important part of a human’s life. Additionally influencing the make-up of community and provision of services that need to be in place to support the people. During my role with Council I have worked on a variety of projects which have brought about change, therefore encouraging other service providers to work in partnership with various projects. Furthermore I have influenced change and the development of new services such as Food Care, Children’s Memorial Garden, Bike Program with school children, referral to other services and Say NO to domestic violence. There’s more so if you view my new blog or visit my previous blog you will learn a lot about the changes that can occur.

The reality is that we all fit into a family in some way. What I see occurring more and more when working in health, education and during community volunteering is the breakdown of the family unit. I have always been an advocate for family and will continue on with my work into the future.

It was very easy for me to say yes when asked to run for the Family First Lead Senate position for NSW as this will be a beneficial place to create change. There’s a lot more that needs to be done by Government to support families in the future with potential change focusing on prevention rather than breakdown. I believe that I have the experience and understanding to make a difference and look forward to creating change.