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Law and Order

I am a Justice of the Peace and a law abiding citizen, I believe we all have the right to live in a safe and secure environment. We need more police present in our communities and should give them more power to address the issues and work with rural communities to assist in reducing crime and the road toll on country roads.

People who break the law need to have their cases heard in the justice system far quicker than they are at present and the penalty system should be reviewed. With a person we know it took ten months for the offender to be sentenced for an incident. The victim received head injuries from an attack with a beer bottle that was caught on video footage and in front of many witnesses. This is far too long for serious crimes to be heard.

Another issue that needs further work is the rehabilitation process for offenders. It's no good locking people up if there are no rehab programs in place, so they can change their way. This needs to be a fundamental process incorporated into the jail system.

An injustice for a young person helping her family out, read more follow the link - Kirstin Waits for Justice