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Plant a tree for your child

When we first started to do gardening with the children we encouraged them to pick a plant which they wanted to place in the garden.

Some of our children were in their early lives between 1 and 5 years, and we encouraged each one of our children to come to the nursery. They purchased a plant or tree that they liked. We brought home the plant they chose and then included them in the digging of the hole in the ground and the planting of the plant.

The plant could go anywhere in the front or back yard, we just had to decide on that together. During the planting time we would take pictures. This was a special moment for them because we had a celebration party after in recognition of their new plant and looking after a living thing. It proved a hit with all of our children and now each one of them can tell you about their plant. The plant has now taken on their name as opposed to the tree/plant name. It makes them feel very special.

Our family also did this when my husbandís Welsh dad passed away, his tree is now called ďBampiís tree. Bampi is Welsh for Grandad and the picture attached has some of our children standing next to his tree.

Bampi's Tree