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I have a particular interest in Youth and in helping to achieve a better way forward. In our ever changing world, we need to inform, promote, encourage and make available every learning opportunity for the youth of today so they can progress and become the leaders of tomorrow. This needs to be done in collaboration with others.

Our Youth are faced with many challenges as they travel through their journey from childhood to adulthood! First they need to understand and discover more about themselves and what they want out of life, this is easier said than done. The task at hand is to identify those needs and then prepare our young people for what lies ahead.

The many hazards that lie ahead are peer pressure, choices, influences, feeling connected, media, including movies and documentaries, the negative publicity and the limited life of earth with all the environmental hype which is helping to provide a downward spiral with no way forward for young people. I hear all too often how young people have no hope for a future direction because the world is seen or publicised as heating up and disintegrating.

I firmly believe we need to provide a positive way forward for young people and I understand that schools actively try to achieve this. Parents have their own challenges with increased costs placed on them from the economy of today which has evolved over the past few years and survival has meant more parents are working. Unfortunately with this comes limited quality time for family relationships, communication and support.

There needs to be significant changes made and a real recognition towards a future direction for young people. The Youth Interagency I Chair has completed a survey for young people and we are now developing a Youth Committee to have a voice and reviewing the potential for a drop in centre. Also we are looking at ways to help young people gain the opportunity in making up the hours of driving (120 hours) so they can obtain a licence.

Please contact me and share your thoughts about the future direction for Youth, I look forward to hearing from you soon!